Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Understanding the Darkness Within

Imagine yourself at the bottom of a very deep well. You are so far underground that you can hardly see the pinpoint of light that is the opening of the well. Both your feet are stuck in knee-high mud that impedes and slow your movements. The air around you is humid, hot and pungent. You find it difficult to breathe. The darkness that surrounds you presses heavily onto your body that you feel you are being suffocated. You feel tired and drained. You do not know how long you have been stuck at the bottom of this well and you just do not care. You wish you were dead. There is no hope, no future and no colors. Just never-ending darkness. Those of you who have experienced depression will understand what I have just described. It would be a struggle to get out of bed every morning and you dread the coming day.

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