Thursday, October 19, 2006

To Be Who We Are Created To Be

Father God, I stand before you now in the middle of a sleeping city.

In the Amazing Spider-man issue "Spider-man No More", Peter Parker/Spider-man that night has to make a decision. [The movie Spider-man 2 is partially based on this storyline]. He is at a cross road, decision making point. One option is for him to hide his superpowers, pretend to be an ordinary man, marry Mary Jane Watson and have a good life. The world will not then have the benefit of his superpowers. The other option is for him to continue to be Spider-man. To do that, he has to keep a secret identity and live a double life. There will be no room for relationships, marriage and family in that night. How is one to choose? For the greater good of all man, but having to live a secretive life? Or to bland into the crowd and be invisible.?And be able to go home to wife and family in the evening.

Father God, I stand before you now, hovering above my notebook. I too have a decision to make. I am also at a cross road, decision making point. The decision involves a church leadership position. To accept or not to accept. Like Spider-man, I have climbed to a high place to meditative, think and pray. A place of solitude to find my heart’s true center.

Father God, you know my heart, my desires and my loyalties. You have give me much; wealth, talents, good wife, family, children and friends. I want to love you and be in your presence forever.

I want to serve you, Lord; I want to be your servant. But, Lord, which kind of servant do you want me to be? You have equipped me and given me powers. You know what type of ministry I am equipped for. In this high place, Lord, please give me your understanding; enlighten me to what role I shall play next.

Teach me, O Lord, to make a decision.

Lord, have mercy

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Blogger Sivin Kit said...

In true liturgical fashion ..

Christ have mercy and ..

The Lord be with you ...

9:51 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

hi sivin kit,

amen to true liturgical fashion.

but in this prayer,

Lord, have mercy on my anguish soul and let me fall asleep :)


10:43 AM  

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