Friday, December 15, 2006


Chains comes in various lengths and sizes,
come, my friend, find one of your own choosing.
Some long; allowing freedom in false guises,
others short; hobbling, troubling, controlling.

Chains of gold makes wonderful gilded cage,
some of tapered steel; cold metallic surrounding.
Chains of feelings; glimpses of heaven’s gauge,
others, obligation; rigid, binding and demanding.

Chains squeezing brains, closing minds,
some winding round necks, gagging speech.
Chains tying loving hearts, hurting binds,
others, piercing souls, condemnation seed.

Huddle in my cell; a world not kind,
bundled in chains, someone’s trophy.
Armor rusting, hurting, marking time,
tousled, bound, self-ness slowly atrophy.



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