Friday, April 13, 2007

Wolverine:Origins-Born in Blood

This may seem strange but I like Wolverine stories. Though the stories are violent, there is a redeeming component to them. Logan a.k.a Wolverine is a mutant with fantastic reflexes, very strong, have claws coming out of his hands and has an incredible healing power. He used to team up with with the X-Men but I like his solo adventures better. Wolverine also have a adamantium skeleton instead of bones which make him indestructable. Adamantium apparently is one of the strongest elements on earth.

Wolverine is a berserker. He falls into an incredible rage which is make him a very dangerous man. He calls it the beast inside it. When the beast takes over, Wolverine is an animal. Yet, wolverine is always be struggling to control the beast by his self control. Apparently in the past, he has been tortured, and indoctrinated as weapon X - an animal-human killing machine. Daily Wolverine struggles with his instincts and most of the time his humanity wins. Wolverine always reminds me of the constant struggles we have to become human and contain the beast inside of us.

This graphic novel by Daniel Way and Steve Dilion is a
new venture to further revelation of who Logan is. After the events of the house of M. Logan remembers everything that had happened to him in the last one hundred year! What is even more, he wants revenge on eveyone of those who tortured, manipulated and hurt him.

The is the first book in the series Wolverine:Origins.

I especially like the cover drawing where Wolverine is drinking at a lakeside with a wolf and the water reflection showing the same. It shows the duality of man so clearly.

This is the first book in the series but images of a younger Wolverine keep appearing. I do not like this younger Wolverine. He seems more evil, more manipulative,and savage. I am looking forward to how see how they will retro-develop the Wolverine/Logan character.

This constant rewriting of the origins of the super heroes of the DC and Mavel is getting to me. Nobody ever dies but returns to life. Their origins are changed. There are so many timelines that I am totally confused. I find it hard to follow the stories. This may be the reason, DC and Marvels are slowly losing their fanbase.

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