Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Gift of Daily Bread

Peter Young, (July 2007) The Gift of Daily Bread, (Puchong, Selangor: Peter Young)

Peter Young is the co-founder of Malaysian CARE, Interserve Fellowship, Dignity & Care and United Voice in Malaysia.

In this small booklet, Peter examines the meaning of receiving our daily bread in the Malaysian context. To him, some examples of daily bread/rice are
(1) Food/drink/clothing
(2) Gender/race equality
(3) Social rejection
(4) Employment
(5) Freedom of religion

Peter's concern for the poor and marginalised comes through very clearly in this booklet. What is even more clear is his opinion of the Malaysian churches' responses.

He writes,

We often fail to realise that our main response to the poor and marginalised in Malaysia is in our workplace. That is where the church is during working hours! What are we providing through our employment? Daily chicken/pork, daily rice/bread or daily poison?

Other than homemakers, and those serving in local churches/denominations there are, roughly, four main areas in our workplace:
(1) The private sector
(2) Government service
(3) Politics
(4) Non-governmental organisations

Whilst not denying the prime importance of the private sector, on which the economy of our nation depends, it must be understood that it is through the other three agencies that many of the basic needs of the poor/marginalised must be met. Education/healthcare/social services/advocacy for human rights are just a few examples of these needs. Unfortunately, our church leaders and Christian parents are failing to stress the tremendous opportunities for Christian service, including the provision of daily bread in jobs outside the private sector.

This is a provoking thought. However, I wonder in the present political climate in Malaysia, how effective a Christian can be in the government and politics? As for NGOs, it depends on which type, doesn't it?


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