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Spiritual formation, discipleship, Christian education (4)

Spiritual formation, discipleship and spiritual formation (4)


• Discipleship is the process of developing followers of Christ

o A disciple- one who obeys Christ’s teaching
o Lifelong learner
o To make disciples

• Teachers
o Modern day, usually one person teaches another or a small group
o Navigators- one to one
o Mentors

• Pedagogy
o Sharing life experiences
o Mentoring and modelling
o Specific curriculum e.g. discipleship programs

• Contents
o Christ’s teachings
o Core doctrinal beliefs
o Spiritual disciplines e.g. quiet time, prayer, bible study techniques, sharing the gospels
o How to evangelise
o Practical ethical Christian living

• Focus of discipleship tend to be individualistic e.g. how do ‘you’ be a disciple

• Discipleship training by person/church is time limited. Spend some time together until the person is a ‘disciple.’ Then allow to carry on his/her own.

• May appreciate community of faith but not strongly community orientated.

• Setting
o ranges from formal sessions to informal, over coffee encounters

• Target population are person who are already converted, believed Christ as Lord and Saviour or equivalent experience
o Discipleship starts after conversion
o Discipleship in children? Preschoolers?

• More emphasis on cognitive rather than spiritual experiences

• Discipleship may not be fully engaged with culture

• Role of the Holy Spirit in conversion and the discipling process


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