Friday, December 07, 2007

Spiritual formation, discipleship, Christian education (5)

Spiritual formation, discipleship and spiritual formation (5)

Spiritual Formation

• Spiritual formation is the process of becoming like Christ

• Purpose
o Becoming Christ like in character
o Recovering the imago dei (Kingdom of God)
o Fulfilling the mission dei (redemptive work of God)
o Becoming a people of God.

• Content
o Character development
o Loving God and loving others
o Core doctrinal beliefs
o Community
o Practical ethical Christian living

• Teachers and influencers
o Since birth we are exposed to influences that affects our spiritual formation e.g. culture, race, gender, personality, families
o Christian and church offers Christian influencers
o Other influences

• Pedagogy
o Formative practices of a Christian community of faith
o Individual and corporate learning and spiritual experiences
o Mentoring and modeling

• Role of the Holy Spirit in our formation recognised before our conversion

• Process of spiritual formation is ongoing 24/7

• Applicable to children and adult

• Involves left and right brain; more holistic

• Awareness of cultural influence is one of the key in spiritual formation


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