Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Watching John Stott Lecturing on Romans

The Regent College in Vancouver invited John Stott to give a series of lectures on the book of Romans. These series of lectures were video taped and is now available in DVD (Region 1).

I bought a set online via Regent College bookstore. John Stott was awesome. In this 10 DVD he covered Romans, Chapter 1-8 looking at themes of the Gospel, grace, law, Spirit and wrath.

Disc 1& 2: God's Gospel and Paul's eagerness to preach.

Disc 3&4: God's Wrath and the Whole World's Guilt

Disc 5& 6: God's Grace and a Sinner's Justification

Disc 7 &8: God's Law and Our Release from its Bondage

Disc 9 &10: God's Spirit and Implication of Our Adoption.

This is John Stott at his best.


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