Monday, February 08, 2010

Virtual Mentor February 2010

Some goodies from this issue. What is informed consent for experimental procedures? Do patients really understand the risk? How will surgical procedures progress if there are no patients? What about the harm during the learning curve?

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Virtual Mentor. February 2010, Volume 12, Number 2: 67-142. Full Issue PDF

February 2010 Contents

Ethics and Innovation in Surgery

From the Editor

Responsible Progress in Surgical Innovation: A Balancing Act
Catherine Frenkel
Full Text | PDF
Virtual Mentor. 2010; 12:69-72.

Educating for Professionalism

Clinical Cases

New Devices and Truly Informed Consent
Commentary by Charles Rosen
Full Text | PDF
Virtual Mentor. 2010; 12:73-76.

Prophylactic Bariatric Surgery
Commentary by Robert E. Brolin, Bruce Schirmer, and Angelique M. Reitsma
Full Text | PDF
Virtual Mentor. 2010; 12:77-86.

Technical Skill and Informed Consent
Commentary by Robert M. Sade
Full Text | PDF
Virtual Mentor. 2010; 12:87-90.

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