Monday, June 07, 2010

State of Marriage: Married, Separated, Divorce

Christianity Today, June (Web-only), 2010
Speaking Out

Why separating can be pro-family.

There are inconvenient truths.

Earlier this week, Al and Tipper Gore announced to a small circle of close friends via e-mail—and thus to the world—that they are separating after 40 years of a seemingly very happy and successful marriage.

Far too often we are surprised by news that a couple is divorcing when we all thought things were fine. But seldom do we hear, as we did with Al and Tipper, that a couple is separating. Was this carefully crafted PR language to avoid the "d word"—or is this truly descriptive of their situation? Few know. Regardless, it provides an opportunity to discuss marital separation and what it can mean for marriage.

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It is interesting to note about the "grace of separation." Are Christians now called to accept three categories of marriage: (1) married, (2) separated and (3) divorce ?


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