Thursday, September 06, 2012

Soul Care Postcards

Soul care is slow painstaking work, with ebbs and flow, up and down, freshness and dryness, progress and regression. It is hard work for it is the renovation of our souls to the character of Christ; the fully restored image of God. Like drops of water than can wear down a mountain, soul work needs patience but is a powerful vocation.

spiritual direction is the process where two or more companions on a spiritual journey help one another to be open to God, to their inner lives and to each other

spiritual direction is mainly about rest; rest in God's goodness, rest in believing God will reveal Himself to us and guide our actions, and rest in His sovereignty

Trust is holding the hand of God as we walk through the woods that is our lives

spiritual direction is cultivating awareness-the awareness of the movements of the Holy Spirit in our lives; of what God is working with our lives in the past, present and future; and to get on board with what ever He is doing now. Awareness is seeing God in all things.

Love is the emotion and the passion that is the matrix of our spiritual life

Photos by Wong Ling Hong

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