Sunday, December 09, 2007

Batman: Rules of Engagement

Batman: Rules of Engagement (2007) collecting magazine Batman: Confidential #1-6 in graphic novel form. This is an interesting concept of the second year after Batman began in Gotham. This story brings Bruce Wayne, CEO of WayneTech into direct competition with Lex Luthor, CEO of LexCorp.

[Contain spoilers]

Both companies are competing to get the US Army contract for humanoid robots fighting machines. Bruce Wayne/ Batman came up against the evil genius of Lex Luthor who wanted to take over the world using his robotic army. It also documents the first meeting of Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor.
Ang Diggle wrote a good story about the early days of the Batman mythos. The story explained the reasons why WayneTech decided against working for US government military and why the Wayne Foundation was founded. Whilce Portacio (penciller) drew a very action orientated Batman with dynamic frames and background.

The only fault I can find with the story is that the technology showcased is way beyond the early days of Batman. Otherwise it is an enjoyable read. Four stars.




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