Saturday, December 01, 2007

STM Study Tour to Greece

Announcing A Special Tour:
Following the Footsteps of Paul

Join Allen McClymont and Lim Kar Yong in a 10-day guided tour of Greece in end of May
2008, either as part of a 3-credit hour elective course for STM programme or as a tour

Take an unforgettable trip by
following part of Paul’s Second
Missionary Journey (Acts 16:1-
18:22). Come and see, feel, and
take a walk with Paul in the cities
he visited. Investigate the
connection between the
archeological evidence and socialpolitical
settings of the ancient
cities evangelised by Paul and his
fascinating correspondence with
the churches he founded.

Places we will visit include Kavala (biblical Neapolis – Acts 16:11), Philippi (Acts 16:12-40),
Thessaloniki (biblical Thessalonica – Acts 17:1-9), Veria (biblical Berea – Acts 17:10-15),
Vergina, Kalambaka, Meteora monasteries, Delphi, Athens (Acts 17:16-34), Corinth (Acts
18:1-17), Cenchrea and Mycenae.

Special lectures will be organised for those who are taking this tour as an elective course.
We are now taking registration for those who are interested in the tour so that we could keep
you informed once details are finalised. Please indicate if you are interested as part of your
STM programme or as a tour member.

For further information contact
Dr Lim Kar Yong
Seminari Theoloji Malaysia
Lot 3011 Taman South East
Jalan Tampin Lama Batu 3
70100 Seremban
Tel: 06-6322815 Fax: 06-6329766



Blogger pearlie said...

How about you Alex? You thinking about going?

11:06 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

yes, pearlie, I am. So are my family, members of my cell group and my pastor.

I wonder how big a group Kar Yong is thinking of?

10:47 AM  

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