Saturday, March 14, 2009

Depression in the Church

An interesting article from Christianity Today about depression in the churches. Finally, Christians are beginning to acknowledge that Christians may suffer depression. In all our talk about saving grace, we often forget that we are still living in a fallen world and subject to its laws. Some of my thoughts on depression and the Christians here

Christianity Today, March, 2009

The Depression Epidemic
Why we're more down than ever—and the crucial role churches play in healing.
Dan G. Blazer posted 3/06/2009 10:23AM

The church is God's hospital. It has always been full of people on the mend. Jesus himself made a point of inviting the lame, the blind, and the possessed to be healed and to accompany him in his ministry, an invitation often spurned by those who thought they were fine as is. We should not be surprised, then, that the depressed populate not only secular hospitals and clinics, but our churches as well. Yet depression remains both familiar and mysterious to pastors and lay church leaders, not to mention to those who share a pew with depressed persons.

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