Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The "WHO vaccine scam"

Now that the Influenza A (H1N1) scare is almost over (almost because that are still irrational fears in Malaysia), a truer picture is appearing of the so called pandemic. What is most damaging so far is an article in the British Medical Journal (BMJ 2010;340:c201), a highly respected medical journal which reveals close financial links between the experts in the WHO who call for the declaration of the pandemic and the vaccine producing pharmaceutical companies. The WHO response is published in the same journal BMJ 2010;340:c987.

More of this "WHO vaccine scam" may be found here

How the scam really worked

Here's a summary of how the WHO vaccine scam worked:

Step 1) Exaggerate the risk: WHO hypes up the pandemic risk by declaring a phase 6 pandemic even when the mortality rate of the virus was so low that it could be halted with simple vitamin D supplements.

Step 2) Urge countries to stockpile: WHO urged nations around the world to stockpile H1N1 vaccines, calling it a "public health emergency."

Step 3) Collect the cash: Countries spend billions of dollars buying and stockpiling H1N1 vaccines while Big Pharma pockets the cash.

Step 4) Get your kickbacks: WHO advisors, meanwhile, collected their kickbacks from the vaccine manufacturers. Those kickbacks were intentionally kept secret.

Step 5) Keep people afraid: In order to keep demand for the vaccines as high as possible, WHO continued to flame the fears by warning that H1N1 was extremely dangerous and everybody should continue to get vaccinated. (The CDC echoed the same message in the USA.)
I believe the Malaysian government still have stockpile of the vaccine and is still trying to get people to be immunized. People are reluctant and there are a sizable number of vaccines left even though it is offered free. There is a lack of vaccine in the private sector as the vaccine companies are not importing more.

My earlier blog post Much Ado about Nothing: Influenza A H1N1 had elicited some positive and negative responses in the blog, Facebook, email and indirect references in other blogs.


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