Saturday, December 15, 2012

Colourful is the Bird

Coloured feather light that flies,
majestically across the clear blue sky,
eyes that see from high and clear,
panorama of colours covering autumn air.

We who seek over the rainbow fly,

stand on twigs neither black or white,
daily struggle with feelings red and blue,
long for the stillness of the leafy green.

We perceive each other with jaundiced eyes,
one species divided by colours our blood common red,
when, oh, when, will we harmony be,
in one little bird sparkles coloured flume.

Our Lord in creating this little bird,
let’s have a dash of this and a dash of that,
in diversity is unity, in unity this colorful beauty,
a glimpse this bird evoke awesome adoration.

Photo by Wong Ling Hong



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