Monday, June 19, 2006

The Caffeine Driven Life

Wake up every morning, mind in a mush,
already late, running in a rush.
Brain not engaged, still not in gear,
wait, coffee, o coffee, I need thee here.

I need the fix, I need the kick,
a cuppa of java will do the trick,
To get through the day I need the buzz,
hot coffee, iced coffee, no need to fuss.

Too much work, too little time,
another cuppa coffee and all will be fine.
Need energy, lift up mood to euphorise the day,
coffee will energise, colourise and brighten the way.

Clock out time, day is done, night is coming
energy draining, euphoric mood darkening.
Going home, coffee glow from cheek slowly fading,
caffeine level in blood stream slowly falling.

Such is life, with hustle and noise, our busy condition,
a life truly driven by the world’s only legal addiction.
Filled the cups with espresso, latte, mochas and macchiato
available only in Starbucks, Coffee Bean and alfresco.



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