Monday, July 24, 2006

The Dance

Come dance with me,
he invited,
extending his hand,
but I do not know how to.
Don’t worry, he said,
just follow me.

What dance will it be,
I wondered.
He smiled
as he grasped my hand,
his grasp was gentle,
but I feel
deep scars on his palms.

The music was already playing,
as we reached the dance floor,
the music of eternity,
of love given and lost,
of longing and emptiness,
of pain and forgiveness.

We began to dance;
initially awkwardly
with my two left feet,
stepping and stumbling
over each other.

Again he smiles as
he gently took the lead,
just let go,
give yourself to the music,
he said.

Soon, the awkwardness was gone,
as I learnt to let go
and follow his lead,
letting the rhythm
of the music fill my being.

Round and round the dance floor
we move as one.
one in mind,
one in spirit,
one in soul,
one with the Lord of the dance.



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