Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Midnight Caesarean Section

In the still of the OT a shrill cry
the surgeon turns his head and smile
forcefully expelled from the womb
by an incision on the wall
the world intrude rudely into the womb.
a baby is born

In anger and fright the cry
against the harshness of bright light
against the coldness of the air
against the noise of cold technology
a baby is born

What will his future be, I wonder
will he have the love of his parents
will he have his dreams come true
will he fulfil his full potential
a baby is born

Now snug and warm swaddled in blanket
he begins to suck his fingers
he begins to sense his angel
he begins to feel hunger
a baby begins to be



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you write this yourself, Dr Tang?

It's a fresh perspective. I look forward to reading more of your poetry.

Personally, I'd tell the baby he's made a terrible mistake, and advise him to crawl back into that womb as fast as he could and back up to heaven.

But then again I don't have as much faith as you do in God's earthly creation.

1:09 AM  
Blogger Alex Tang said...


yes, I wrote that after reaching home at 1 am. I had to standby for an emergency LSCS at the hospital that night.If you do not want such early morning epipany, don't do paediatrics.

Who knows, that might be the best idea for the baby. *smile*

7:40 PM  

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