Monday, January 15, 2007

Sacred Companions on the Way

Sacred Companions on the Way: Mentoring in Spiritual Formation

In Homer’s great epic, the Odyssey, Odysseus, a Greek king set sail for the siege of Troy, leaving behind a young wife and an infant son, Telemachus. However, he also left behind his trusted friend to instruct, train and guide his son to be the future king of his kingdom. “I leave with you this son, whom I so tenderly love; watch over his infancy if you have love of me, keep flattery far from him; teach him to vanquish his passions.” This man’s name was Mentes (Greek) or Mentor.

Thus the word mentor entered the English language. A mentor, as defined by the Merriam-Webster online dictionary is a trusted counselor or guide. A person that is being mentored is called a protégé.

If I am to invite you to suggest the greatest mentor in the New Testament aside from Jesus, whom would you choose? I believe most of you will choose the apostle Paul. My vote is for Joses or Joseph of Cyprus. This unassuming man, after knowing Jesus Christ, sold part or all of his lands in Cyprus and donated the proceeds to the church in Jerusalem.

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