Friday, April 06, 2007

Asian Beacon on Suffering

The April/May 2007 issue is out, in time for Easter. The theme is "Suffering: the Questions, the Blessings and the Glory." This is an appropriate reading for Triuum, the three days of Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday.

Some of the articles are "Suffering and Sacrifice" by Floyd McClung, "End of Suffering: Let's Begin with Poverty" by Martin Chow,"Does the Resurrection make Sense?" by Dr. William Wan and "The Divine Suffering of God" by me. Regular columns include "Dear Chai Hok" who answers this sensitive question, "Can a Divorced & Remarried Person be appointed a Pastor?" and "Dear Goldie" who also have to answer a question about marriage, divorce and remarriage.

The Asian Beacon has undergone a makeover under its new editor, Mrs Goh Bee Lee. It is more colourful and pleasant to read. As Malaysia's only contemporary, easy to read Christian magazine, we should support it by buying and reading it. No pirated copies please. Buy more than one copy to distribute to friends. No sharing so that the circulation goes up. Contribute to it by writing articles for it. " Nuff said.

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