Thursday, August 23, 2007

Athens in Greece

(The Acropolis in Athens)

I shall be away to Athens, Greece from today until 1st September 2007. I shall not be updating this blog until my return. In the meantime, enjoy my previous posts.



Blogger doc said...

dear alex,

have a grand time & post lots of photos, ok?

12:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wah! so nice ah?! have fun!

9:14 AM  
Blogger pearlie said...

Lucky you! Have fun!

12:26 AM  
Blogger Alex Tang said...

hi doc, alwyn, and pearlie,

Yes, I had a grand time in Athens. I went there to attend the 25th International Congress of Paediatrics together with 6,000 other paediatricians from 133 countries.

I also have the opportunity to visit the archaeological sites and museums in Athens, Delphi and Corinth. It was unfortunate that Greece was facing bush wildfires during this period. The temperature was 36-38 centigrade in the daytime!

will post some photos later.

7:22 PM  

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