Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Path to a Crown of Thorns

T’is a lonely path you walk, my Lord,
on rocky soil that no plants grows,
Hot, sweating, you trod, my God,
a vital mission that no one knows.

A path that leads to a crown of thorns,
showing people the true way home.
Bearing humiliation and people’s scorns,
that religion comes not from a tome.

It’s on the same path I met you there,
idling, wondering why you care.
Watching you lift the cross you bear,
the answer to the world’s snares.

I’m self-made, good, honest is my boast,
not noticing the trail of the cross on the sand.
Doing good deeds from coast to coast,
not realising I hammered nails into your hands.

Through pain filled eyes you looked at me,
I’ve nailed my Lord, my God onto a cross!
Behind his eyes is love, how could it be?
I’ve killed my God yet he forgives, t’is not loss.

It’s your path I now seek to walk, my Lord,
a path now overgrown, choked with thorns.
Following your Way, you’re shalom, my God,
into the darkness, a single bright light has shone.

Soli Deo Gloria



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