Monday, April 28, 2008

A Letter to My Nephew

As you stand on the threshold of adulthood, you are beginning on a wonderful journey of discovery. This will be a journey full of laughter and tears; joy and pain; happiness and sorrow; and light and darkness. However, do not be afraid to step forth because you will never journey alone. Your mother, father and sister will be with you. Your Uncle Alex, auntie and cousins will also walk with you. Most of all, there is One who will walk closely with you each step of your journey.

This is a journey of discovery. You will discover what a great and wonderful world you are living in. Your eyes will be open to new vistas and broad horizons. In the process you will discover yourself. Take time to know this person who is you. He may not be the person you want him to be yet, but give him time. Know that you are unique and in all the eons of creation, there is only one you. You will also discover new friends and old. Take the time and efforts to cultivate friendships because these are lasting in these ever changing times. You will also discover stirrings inside of you as you grow into a man. Keep yourself pure; avoid pre-marital sexual encounters until you meet the girl God has created specially for you.

You will also discover new knowledge and much information. Reflect on what you have learned everyday because knowledge and information is only useful if they are tapered by wisdom. Knowledge and information comes and goes, but wisdom remains. Keep your mind open and retain your sense of wonder. College and universities will be beckoning soon. In terms of your vocation, think not of what you can do for God but what He can do through you. In your journey, you will work in many jobs but you have only one vocation.

Be gentle with yourself and maintain a wholesome discipline. You will discover the liberty of freedom but freedom is no excuse for laziness. You must have self-control and exert self-discipline. Know that all your choices have consequences, so choose well. Make short and long term goals and seek to fulfil them. There will be times of great success in your life. Enjoy them but do not let them go to your head. There will also be times of failure and rejection. Learn from them and leave them behind. Live life with purpose and you will find life fulfilling.

Be not ashamed of your heritage. Instead be proud because you have received the best attributes that China, Korea and Malaysia have to offer. Be they princes or paupers, your ancestors have passed to you the great potential that you now possess. Go forth and fulfil that potential. Take time to embrace your heritage.

Take time to laugh because that is God’s gift to mankind and receive Joy for that is His salvation. Never take yourself too seriously or others too lightly. Be counter cultural if you have to for that is the Way of Jesus. You will find much human glory in the sport fields and in physical beauty, and you will be tempted to lust for such glory. You will think being popular is a worthwhile ambition and be willing be sacrifice for it. Football jackets, prom queens, and popularity are temptations for you in this part of your journey as wealth, sex, and power are in a later part. Learn to resist these temptations for they will lead to much heartache.

Get to know the One who walks with you. It is time for you to develop your own faith because all these years you have been covered by the faith of your parents. You will discover that the One who walks with you is a self-revealing God. If you seek Him, He will be found by you. Develop Godly habits of Bible reading and study, praying, fellowship, spiritual friendship, silence and solitude, giving, service, and journaling. Then your journey will be a powerful experience as you dive into the depths of God and soar the heights like an eagle.

Finally learn to love and be loved. You grew up in a family built upon love. Now you will be entering a world where love is often abused. And loving can be painful. However, there is no greater force in the world than love. Let love be your guide and your sustenance. Love is commitment and loyalty.

Our ancestors have a proverb that states, “A journey of a thousand miles start with a single step.” Take that step now, and know that our love goes with you.

your loving uncle




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