Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Batman: Gotham Knight

Some of Hollywood's hottest writers lend their talents to this richly animated Batman anthology, featuring entries by David Goyer (BATMAN BEGINS), Josh Olson (A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE), and Alan Burnett (BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES). With six stories in all, GOTHAM KNIGHT offers thrilling interpretations of the Caped Crusader, rendered in a style that recalls the dark and lurid lines of Japanese anime. Together, these interconnecting tales trace Batman from his early days battling evildoers in crime-plagued Gotham, to his later years as the metropolis's trusted defender. Along the way, the Dark Knight has shadowy showdowns with some of his most fearsome enemies, including Scarecrow, Killer Croc, and Dead Shot. Chock-full of explosive action sequences and bat gadgets, this continuation of the Batman saga is sure to bowl over both comic book nerds and fans of the feature films. source

The two DVD set offers a wonderful refreshment after the intense movie The Dark Knight. The six interlinked stories are beautifully drawn with each artist adding their interpretations of the Batman. This is similar to the Animatrix of the Matrix trilogy.

The second disc contain a great documentary on Batman and Me: The Bob Kane Story. Bob Kane created Batman at the age of eighteen. Also interesting is a documentary on the villains in the Batman mythos, A Mirror for the Bat: A Featurette exploring Batman and the evil denizens of Gotham City. The writers of the six stories offers their comments on the bad guys and gals in the Batman stories. There is also 4 bonus Batman: The Animated Series episodes.

"I love it" said the Joker


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