Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Theology of Sex

This is an interesting book on Theology of Sex posted on a blog. Yes, the whole book is on the blog. Written by Dr Grant C. Richison

The battle for biblical norms is a major issue in the struggle for the souls of people. In many ways, our culture determines what we believe. If a sex sated society sets the predominate condition for values then evangelical Christians–of all people–must take this challenge head-on. In the face of a society that seeks to repress the norming norms of absolutes, Christians must take a stand against legal repression of biblical norms but above all evangelicals must be true to truth. Our culture wants to believe that pagan subjective opinionism and perspective is the core of truth. Arbitrary personal desire does not prefer an absolute God with absolute norms. Preference then is the underlying presupposition of postmodern thought.

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