Friday, October 31, 2008

Re:Connect: Spiritual Exercises to Develop Intimacy with God

This is an new excellent book on prayer by my friend David Sherbino (Hot off the press). David is professor of Pastoral Ministries and Spiritual Formation at Tyndale Seminary and minister at Cornerstone Community Church (PCC) Kleinburg in Ontario, Canada.

Unlike most books on prayer which discuss about prayer, this book actually teaches you how to pray. The book is structured such that one can pray for seven weeks with daily prayer readings for each day. There is also a section for praying through the church year.

I have enjoyed praying through it and find it very helpful.

The problem is that it is only available from:
Tyndale Bookstore
25, Ballyconnor Court
Toronto ON
M2M 4B3
Tel: 416 226 6746, ext. 2188

David will be coming over to Malaysia and Singapore next year and I hope he will bring some copies.

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