Friday, January 23, 2009

Islamic Perspectives on Psychology of Personality

Amber Haque & Yasien Mohamed (ed.) Psychology of Personality: Islamic Perspectives, Singapore: Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd

The articles in this book is contributed by Islamic scholars from around the lslamic world. The book is divided into three sections:
1. Cosmic Anthropology and the Innate Disposition of Man
2. The Islamic concept of soul, spirit and heart
3. Human motivation and personality types in the Quran

I find these articles interesting as I am also reading LeRon Schults' Reforming Theological Anthropology which examines anthropology from the Christian perspectives.

There are many similarities in the approaches to anthropology.

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Blogger Peter Pan said...

I'm an Iranian student who studies psychology , now master of counseling in Malaysia.
I got my bachelor in Cyprus & I believe religion has nothing to do with psychology. Islam tends to object on everything & after a while makes everything Islamic. it's like a disease!
When I was in school years in Iran, all subjects were somehow islamized!!!
Even History, Geography, literature, sociology ... it was just about to teach us islamic mathematics, as if in islamic math 2*2 would be something more than 4 ...
I really hate when I hear nowadays from friends in Iran , that sometimes they encounter counselors who ask them about their moral beliefs & ... they accuse individuals who do not believe in religion & spirituality ... they tend to look at any problem that people may have , as a lack believe in God or in Islam & ...
Islam has waited all these years for psychology to be about 100 years old & grab it & make it islamized now?

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