Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Origins Project

There is so much we have yet to determine*, but this will be a community of:

- Friends, pioneers, innovators and catalysts who want to dream and work for the Gospel together rather than alone.
- Leaders, entrepreneurs, pastors, misfits, and artists who share a high view of Scripture and a radical commitment to evangelism while being faithfully committed to what is expressed in the Lausanne Covenant.
- Missionally-minded people from different backgrounds who use different methods in different cultural contexts but share the same experimental passion and risk-taking heart for serving, loving, and helping people connect to God through Jesus.

If you are interested in joining this new community and
getting updates as it develops, sign up here.

On the mission of Jesus together:

Dan Kimball and Josh Fox - Vintage Faith Church, Santa Cruz, CA
Dave Gibbons and John Park – Newsong Church, Irvine, CA
Erwin McManus and Eric BryantMosaic, Los Angeles, CA

Creative Team:

Mark Batterson, National Community Church, Washington, D.C.
Margaret Feinberg, Author and Speaker, Denver, CO
Naeem Fazal, Mosaic Church, Charlotte, NC
Rick McKinley - Imago Dei, Portland, OR
Scot McKnight, North Park University, Chicago, IL
Skye Jethani - Christianity Today International

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