Saturday, March 21, 2009

Che and Guerrilla Warfare

Ernesto 'Che' Guevara has always fascinated me. Together with Fidel Castro, these young idealists armed with idealism and little else set forth to fight a powerful, ruthless and corrupt government. That they were successful is a matter of history.

Che, the man always eluded me. After being Minister for Industry in Cuba, he left it to start a guerrilla warfare in Bolivia. It was a successful campaign as guerilla warfare goes. Che, himself was captured and executed in 1967.

This book is a record of his thoughts on guerrilla warfare. While reading it, I thought it gives me a glimpse of the man - pragmatic, idealist, and yet ruthless. He would have been a good "Watchmen."

I feel a certain kinship as Che was trained as a doctor but found that political revolution helps more people than his medical skills. I do not necessary agree with all his political views and his methods, but I have learned to respect the man.

More about Che from Time magazine here and of course, Wiki here.

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