Friday, April 24, 2009

Sharing Academic Knowledge Online

I am a firm believer that knowledge should be free. I am against the commercialization and institutionalization of knowledge and learning. And I believe that the Internet is the medium for sharing. Thus I am pleasantly surprised to read in TIME magazine, April 27, 2009 (Asia edition) about the steps taken by some people and institutions to share their knowledge free.

Logging On to the Ivy League
UC Berkeley biologist Marian Diamond, a legendary lecturer.
UC Berkeley biologist Marian Diamond, a legendary lecturer.
Kathrin Miller for TIME

Diamond is an esteemed neuroanatomist and one of the most admired professors at the University of California, Berkeley. It would be a privilege for anyone to sit in on her lectures. And, in fact, anyone can. Videos of her popular course are available free online, part of a growing movement by academic institutions worldwide to open their once exclusive halls to all who want to peek inside.
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Check out some of the resources here
YouTube EDU, Academic Earth , Free Online Courses from Great Universities, TED,, and iTunes University.

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