Monday, June 22, 2009

Anthony Yeo

Learned from Sherman Quek's blog that Anthony Yeo passed away on Saturday. Anthony was my lecturer who inspired me in developing my counseling and spiritual direction skills. I used to challenged his counseling model which he responded to by helping me develop my P.A.D.I. model. I have hoped that one day we shall collaborate to develop a spiritual direction model for Asians. It seems that the Lord has other plans. Thank you, Anthony for your encouragement and modeling.



Blogger Paul Long said...

This is sad news. I studies under him while at seminary. I really enjoyed his courses as he was really down to earth and practical in his approach.

One thing he mentioned years ago stuck to my mind and influenced me not to pursue "counselling". (yes he was "discouraging" seminary students from pursuing counselling!!"

In my own words of course as it has been so long and t6his has become integrated into my psyche ..

He said "The church and world needs strong Bible teachers more than counsellors. Good strong biblical teaching will better help people live well so they do not need to go for counselling! If we have more good Bible teachers, we will need less counsellors trying to solve problems that should not have in the first place.

May God grant His comfort to Anthony's family!

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