Friday, July 03, 2009

Spartacus: Christian liberator or terrorist?

I have enjoyed the now classic movie, Spartacus staring a very youthful Kirk Douglas and has always been curious about the historical man. Was he a Christian? Was he advocating for the abolition of slavery or just leading a revolt against Rome.

The military historian Barry Strauss has taught for many years at Cornell University, where he directs the Program on Freedom and Free Societies. Among his recent books are The Trojan War: A New History and The Battle of Salamis. (He's also written a memoir, Rowing Against the Current: Learning to Scull at Forty.) Don Yerxa talked with Strauss about his new book, The Spartacus War, published in March by Simon & Schuster.

Gladiator in Books & Culture explores the life of Spartacus.
A conversation with historian Barry Strauss, author of a new book on Spartacus.
Interview by Donald A. Yerxa | posted 6/25/2009
read the interview here

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