Saturday, October 03, 2009

The 100 Best Business Books

Apparently 11,000 business books are published in the United States every year. These books pile together will stand as tall as a nine-story building. So what do busy executives do? Read a condensed 'Reader's Digest' version of these books. What do really very busy executives do? Read the abstract of these condensed books. And what do a busybody like me do? Read a book of abstract of 100 best business books of all time.

This 2009 book offers the best summaries of many of the business books I have read. Hey, don't ask me why I read business books. I am just a ignorant provincial doctor in a small town. It also make accessible to me, many of the business books I have wished I have read.

check out their website to download an extra chapter not found in this book.

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