Thursday, May 13, 2010

Michael Hyatt in Defense of Books

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An interesting article by Michael Hyatt the CEO of Thomas Nelson in his blog setting forth his defense of books.

But this doesn’t change my commitment to or belief in the value of books. However, in using this term, “books,” I mean something very specific. I am not referring exclusively to ink printed on paper and bound between two covers—that’s simply a delivery mechanism.

Instead, I am referring to long-form, text-based content, regardless of how it is delivered to its audience. A book might be a printed book, a digital book, or even an audio book. Regardless, it is still a book. And, I still believe in the power of books to transform individuals, communities, and, indeed, entire civilizations.

As much as I may enjoy magazine articles, blogs, television broadcasts, and movies, I can’t make the same claim about them. By and large, I don’t believe they have the same kind of transformative impact. Granted, there might be an exception here and there, but the kind of transformation I am talking about requires a more sustained argument—or story. This is precisely what books are designed to deliver.

That's an interesting definition of a 'book' that I have not thought of. A book to me is always the printed object that I can hold in my hands and read. Now I am told it is only a 'delivery system.' As Spock Prime will say, "Fascinating."

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