Saturday, July 17, 2010

Movie Review: Inception

Inception is a complicated movie. It involves multiple layers of complexities, dreams, realities and levels of darkness of our subconscious. On one level it asks the eternal question of whether reality is a person dreaming he or she is a butterfly or whether it is the butterfly dreaming it is a human being. On another level, it asks the question of whether it is possible for subliminal or subconscious manipulation by others for their own agenda. On a third level, if one has a choice to choose to live in less than ideal reality or in an ideal dream reality, where will one choose to live? Reminds me of the dilemma facing Kirk and Picard in the nexus in the movie Star Trek: Generations.

Leonardo DeCapri fresh from his recent excellent psychological thriller Stutter Island stars in this science fiction thriller of the manipulation of dreams. For the plot (spoilers) read the Wiki here. The movie is at times slow paced and sometimes confusing as the viewers have to keep track of the layers of dreams involved. Thus it is not like most science fiction movies which are fast paced with lots of CGs. Still it is surprising for me to see a few cinema patrons leaving in the middle of the movie. I, for my own part, have enjoyed it immensely.

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Anonymous Inception said...

subliminal or subconscious manipulation is probably something our governments are dying to harness to their own good :)

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