Monday, September 06, 2010

Project Timothy

I have always been fascinated by Dr Ron Choong's The Academy for Christian Thought and his Project Timothy. The write-up below is from their website ACT-Asia. The link to The Academy for Christian Thought is here. Project Timothy has their own blog Project Timothy Community.


This is a program for a community to study the Bible at a level much deeper than regular Bible study groups. While the revelation of God is specially given to us in the witness of the Scriptures, God has not been silent elsewhere. God invites us to understand what can be known about God by observing the things He has made through fields of human inquiry such as the natural sciences, philosophy, mathematics, music, literature, art, history, geology, archaeology, sociology etc.

PT takes its participants systematically through the Bible in six 5-session semesters. The semesters run from Feb-June and Aug-Dec each year. The entire Bible is covered over three years if done continuously. The curriculum is designed by apologist and theologian, Ron Choong.

The goal in PT is to disciple and stretch the Christian mind. Through the close reading of the Bible as a devotional exercise and an important form of worship we invite men and women to develop a responsible apologetic, a spirit of intellectual charity, a heart for evangelism and missions, as well as a deep interest in discipleship of others.

Project Timothy is Growing!

  • PT1 (2002-2004) was led by Rev. Ron Choong
  • PT2 (2005-2007) was led by Rev. Ron Choong, Mr Gene Yuan & Mr Vivek Mathew
  • PT3 (2008-2010) is led by Dr. Ron Choong, PhD, Ms. Summerlee Staten, Ms. Catherine Penn, Mr. J. R. Randall, & Mr. Demian Repucci. They are assisted by Mr. Dan Bartz, Mr. Danny Lee and Ms Harrigan Bowman.
  • PT3-Asia (2008-2010) is led by Elder Stephen Choi, assisted by Pastor Alexa Ho and 7 other tutors in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

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This is interesting Alex. Is there a link I can go to for more information?

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Hi blogpastor,

The links are in my blog post. However try this link



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