Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reading Batman during Christmas

My Christmas reading of the complex and interconnected stories of Batman by Grant Morrison. Starting with Batman and Son, The Black Glove and Batman R.I.P which leads to the final chapter of Final Crisis where Batman/Bruce Wayne was presumed killed by Darkseid. However it turns out that Bruce Wayne was not dead but was sent back in time by Darkseid's Omega Sanction

This 6 issues miniseries of how Bruce Wayne made his way through time to the present was quite a disappointment compared to the efforts used to set up Dick Grayson as the new Batman of Gotham City.

Nevertheless it is a good read of the adaptability and strong will of Bruce Wayne.

Batman: The Return is about Bruce Wayne revealing himself as the Batman but allowing for Dick Grayson to remain as the Batman of Gotham City.

This is an interesting variant cover of Batman: The Return where instead of the dark Gothic features, the artist uses a lot of Christian symbolism in the cover. Bruce's ordeal in the past is liken to Jesus' forty days in the desert.

The return of Bruce Wayne herald in a new direction in the Batman mythos. His journey from the past to the future have given him much time to think. Wayne has decided to set up "Batman Incorporated" which is a form of franchise system where he, Bruce Wayne/Batman will train up 'Batman' in various major cities in the world to fight crime. Looks like he has finally picked up some ideas from his father-in-law, Ra' A Ghul.

This variant cover shows the Batman we are familiar with and not a corporate symbol. Considering the amount of trouble he have had with his training of and trusting his Robins, Batwoman, Batgirls, the Huntress and numerous others that seen to be collected by him, it will be interesting to see how Bruce Wayne/Batman the untrusting control freak will run his franchise. Harvard Business Review please take note.


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