Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ken Robinson on Reimagining Education

This animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA's Benjamin Franklin award.

For more information on Sir Ken's work visit:

Also see my post here on a talk he gave for TEDS and my review on his book, The Element.


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Anonymous Justin said...

Hi Doc,

Nice. Am also thinking how can we reimagine Christian education for people who are not academically inclined, instead of making them sit through an hour of sermon or bible class.

Was just reading Robert Banks' "Reenvisioning Theological Education" (Grand Rapids/Cambridge: Eerdmans, 1999).


4:38 PM  
Blogger Alex Tang said...

Hi Justin,

Banks' book is a good book.

I am glad you are rethinking about the way we do sermon and bible classes. There are many other ways we can approach Christian education other than the traditional instructional-schooling approach.

2:38 AM  

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