Monday, October 03, 2011

Corollaries of Christian Spiritual Formation

I have been thinking about Christian spiritual formation the last few days and suggests the following corollaries.

(1)   Growing into Christlikeness is the spiritual formation process of the restoration of the imago Dei.
(2)   Building relationships is the spiritual formation process of being in communion to the triune God and relating to others.
(3)   Becoming missional is the spiritual formation process of  embracing shalom and expanding the kingdom of God
(4)   Intentionality or the human response is a continuing partnership in spiritual formation.
(5)   Spiritual learning with the heart and mind guided by the framework of the Bible is the human role in spiritual formation.
(6)   Spiritual formation and transformation are empowered by the Holy Spirit.
(7)   Faith communities are the context and matrix (container) of spiritual formation.
(8)   Spiritual formation are enhanced by participating in faith communities.



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