Friday, December 30, 2011

Exert Oneself to be a Hero

The lyrics of this song is my new year resolution.

"Exert Oneself to be a Hero" or "A Man should Strive"
(this is the lyrical version of the Wong Fei Hung theme, sung by George Lam for the film "Once Upon a Time in China", starring Jet Li)


defiantly laughing at ten thousand waves (= trials and tribulations) /
with righteous ardour burning hotter than the sun
gall (=courage) forged of iron / bones (=character) of steel
broad-minded and far-sighted
I vow to exert myself to strive to be a hero
to be a great hero, one must exert oneself everyday
the zeal of a man burns hotter than the sun

I gather the power of the skies and the seas / to separate heaven and earth
that I might charge towards my ideals
look at the blue waves high and mighty,
and also at the blue skies broad and wide raising my spirit
as a man of determination

striding boldly with one's chest out, everyone should be a great man
(like beams holding up the nation)
use me to ignite a hundred spirits, shining with a thousand rays
to be a great hero / one's zeal must burn with ardour / brighter than the red sun



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