Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Storm

The Storm
Reflections before Advent 2014

The storm crashed into a heart filled with pain,
tons of water flattening the dead and maimed,
waters that save will also destroy.
The eddy current in the heart causes consternation,
what to do, what to do, cries with aggravation,
clear clean water now murky and dark.

The storm smashes innocence and let in darkness,
tears mixes with salt water, colour into blackness,
on a face lined with despair.
Gale force wind chill into a soul’s grounds,
sputtering and gasping as one drowns,
watches in despair as the ship goes down.

The storm blows on, and the year wears on,
come month’s end and Advent’s dawn,
will the portal opens for homecoming?
Living waters from the wellspring of one’s core,
will you offers satiation to the thirsty once more?
and destroy the beast that ambles toward Jerusalem.




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