Friday, December 14, 2007

Star Trek: The Manga (2)

Kakan ni Shinkou or Star Trek: The Manga, volume 2 was published by Tokyopop Manga in September 2007. Like volume one, it is a collection of short stories. There are 5 short stories in this volume.

(1) Cura Te Ipsum (Story by Wil Wheaton, Art by EJ Su)
(2) Communication Breakdown (Story by Crhistane Boylan, Art by Bettina Kurkoski)
(3) The Trial (Story by Mike Wellman, Art by Nam Kim)
(4) Screan Gate (Story by Diane Duanne, Art by Don Hudson)
(5) Forging Alliances (Story by Paul Benjamin, Art by Steven Cummings)

Interesting mix but I am still not used to Captain Kirk and Mr.Spock, manga style.

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