Thursday, March 12, 2009

Movie Review on Charles Wesley

This is a wonderful feature length documentary about Charles Wesley. It was produced by Christian History Institute, Samford Media and Lathika Film and Entertainment.

Charles is less famous than his brother, John Wesley but is well known as a hymn writer. This movie shows the features of early Methodism and how Charles strugged with it.

Shot on location in England and the United States, it follows Charles who went to the United States as a missionary and failed. He returned to England depressed and dejected until his conversion experience in May 1738 which set his soul on fire and burns with intensity in the hymns that he wrote.

My personal lesson from this documentary is the importance of being able to discern what one's gifts are and follow it, instead of doing what others are doing.

Great movie for small group viewing and discussions.
read more about the Wesley brothers here

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