Monday, May 31, 2010

SFI Seminar on the Psalms

SFI Seminar 2010/3


What are the psalms? It is a question often asked by God’s people. Are they prayers? Are they songs? Are they praises? Well, the psalms are all these!

They are centuries-old prayers, songs and praises of the Hebrew people. The psalms emerged from a people who are in love with life and with God they worshipped. They desired to know how to live life to the fullest and enjoy every day of it. They want to know how to praise God in every part of their lives. They desired to know how to celebrate their relationship with God.

What other better way than to come up with the psalms. The psalms allowed the ancient Hebrew people to sing, pray and praise God in the way they understand. With each successive generation, the psalms are passed on but not passed over – such is the book called the Psalms.

In this course, we will look at three types of psalms (hymns, laments and thanksgivings) using Brueggemann’s model of Psalms of Orientation, Disorientation and Reorientation which correspond with the different periods we go through in our lives.


Rev Anthony Loke 陆彦辉牧师 Academic Dean 教 务主任 (2009-2012)
(English Department Faculty 英文部讲师)
BD (STM/SEAGST, 1984); MTheol (SEAGST, 1996); PhD Candidate (OCMS, Oxford). Denomination
宗 派:
Methodist, Trinity Annual Conference
卫理公会英文 三一年议会
Area of Studies
研 究领域:
Old Testament

Rev. Anthony Loke Yin-Fai

B.D. (SEAGST); M. Theol (SEAGST); PhD candidate (OCMS; University of Wales)

-Old Testament Lecturer in Seminari Theoloji Malaysia

-Ordained Travelling Elder with Trinity Annual Conference (TRAC), Methodist Church in Malaysia

Date : 2.00pm- 9.00pm, Saturday 29 May 2010

Place : Berea, Holy Light Church, Johor Bahru

We had a great seminar with the "Rabbi" last Saturday. Using Walter Brueggemann's approach of orientation, disoritentation and reorientation, the "Rabbi" orientated , disorientated and reorientated the participants to the understanding and appreciating the Psalms.



Blogger Reb Anthony Loke said...

hopefully, the reb didn't leave all of you still 'disorientated'!!

11:28 AM  
Blogger Alex Tang said...

still wandering in the wilderness

12:04 PM  
Blogger Reb Anthony Loke said...

re-orient to the good life

4:01 PM  

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