Tuesday, April 24, 2012

John's Review of Tales from the Monastery

A review of my book by John (11 years old)

A Funny Book I Read

Title: Tales From Monastery; Spiritual Formation The Asian Way
Author: Alex Tang

This book is a collection of humourous stories about a group of disciples living in a monastery. The stories help us to understand God and the teachings in the Bible better.

I like ‘Ah Lek Sweeps the Floor’, ‘Durian Theology’, ‘Ah Lek Inherits Heaven and Earth’, ‘The Ban’ and ‘Walking on Water’. Rebecca and I like the same stories. They are very funny.

‘The Ban’ is very amusing because the Council  of the Abba had banned breathing and the use of soap for bathing. I like ‘Ah Lek Inherits Heaven and Earth’ because Abba Ah Beng told Ah Lek that he will never inherit God’s riches because heirs inherit what belongs to their fathers when their fathers die but God, however, lives forever.

I enjoy ‘Ah Lek Sweeps the Floor’ because when Ah Lek died, Jesus gave him a bigger broom to sweep New Jerusalem.

I learn that in certain parts of the Bible, they are not to be taken literally.


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