Thursday, December 21, 2006

More Thinking about Emergent and Emerging Churches

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Anonymous alwyn said...

wow, what's with the burst of emergent linx?? ;>)

have u read any Leonard Sweet? Try his Soul Tsunami - that book was the one that really launched me on the 'emergent' track (for bettter or worse, *grin*)

1:33 AM  
Blogger Alex Tang said...

hi alwyn,

I have always being aware of the emergent, emerging churches, the Chicago call and its latest update the ancient evangelical future.

In our own personal walk with the Lord, I have being rethinkin the way we have being 'doing church' and how effective our discipleship programs have been in helping people to get to know God personally. I have also rethinking our understanding of ecclesiology.

I had discovered the rich heritage off the Christian traditions and has been practicing, teaching and preaching the need to recover in our churches three areas (a) spiritual disciplines, (2) ritual and (3) Christian practices for many years. I have been talking about spiritual formation, lectio divina, centering prayer, retreats, enneagram for more than 10 years now. When I first started nobody knew what these words are and many are suspicious of me as being heretical (which I am not, I am a true blue Reformed Presbyterian).

Why the burst of emergent linx? Donna. It is the Lord's doing. My life of study is directed by the Holy Spirit. I know it sounded cliche but it's true. So next year I shall be engaging with the emeregent, emerging and AEF areas. I leave it to Him to send teachers my way (He always does).

Yes, I have been following the spiritual development, theology and social engegement of Leonard Sweet since his first book and his move to the mountains. I am fascinated to know that he launched you onto the 'emergent' track. He did that to quite a number of people though he also horrified a lot of people I know.

7:40 AM  
Anonymous alwyn said...

Hi Alex,

it's great to know there's much explorative/investigative/apprecitative(?) thinking being done on the fresh perspectives related to theology, spirituality, etc. (Oh, and trust me we've both had our issues with the heresy label - in fact i think i still do in some quarters, *grin*)

but i guess i came to emergent, Sweet, etc. b'cos of the innovative and experiential and 'contemporary' sparks they set off in me. it was fascinating to witness a whole new world of 'being' (almsot) related to Christ, not to mention the connections i discovered it triggered off with many people. I have first-hand feedback that emergent-style writing/communication has ignited interest in 'all things Christian'.

And/Or maybe i'm still at the 'age'(?) where learning something new is tremendously exciting.

Blessed Christmas, :)

10:43 AM  
Blogger Alex Tang said...

Yes, I too find it exciting exploring the emergent/emerging movement.

my dear brother, I hope you will never outgrow the age "where learning something new is tremendously exciting."

11:19 PM  

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