Monday, February 05, 2007

Conversational Evangelism

Spiritual Formation Institute Seminar 2007/1

Conversational Evangelism
17 & 24 March 2007 (Saturdays)
Holy Light Church main hall


“How do we share the gospel with those who seem less and less interested in hearing about the person of Christ and who may in fact think we are somewhat arrogant for holding such an exclusive view of truth?” “What do you said to someone who told you that ‘I am glad that Christianity works for you but please leave me alone, I am happy with what I believe!’?” Conversational Evangelism explores effective ways of integrating compelling Christian evidences into our daily conversations with pre-believers through interactive dialogue. There are primarily four types of conversational engagements: (1) a conversation that focuses on hearing what the other person actually believes; (2) on asking questions illuminating gaps in their belief systems; (3) on uncovering real barriers and deeper root issues; and (4) on building a bridge to the gospel. This seminar will also suggest some practical ways to use Conversational Evangelism effectively in ones daily witness.

Objectives Of Seminar

• To understand the problems in evangelism today in a Post-Christian World
• To clarify misunderstandings that could affect our witness
• To learn how to use a pre-evangelism paradigm in your witness to others.
• To give practical ideas on how to implement this model into your daily witness to increase your effectiveness in witnessing to others.


Rev. Dave Geisler and Elder Gan Kim Choon

Rev Dr Dave Geisler received his Th.M. and M.A.B.S. from Dallas Theological Seminary, and Doctor of Ministry in Apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary. He has been involved in church and para-church college ministry for 15 years. He is currently the founder and President of Meekness and Truth Ministries based here in Singapore. Dave, is married to Charlene, a Singaporean, and they have two children, Kristina and Jonathan.

Elder Gan Kim Choon, currently student of Master of Arts (Pastoral Counselling) in Singapore Bible College. He is married to Toon Fung, and have three children, Joanna, Joshua and Joseph.

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