Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Eighth Day

God worked hard for six days,
creating the heavens and the earth;
dirt underneath his fingernails,
land, birds and trees,
sun, moon and stars.
creation for relationship with him.

God created man and women,
lovingly crafting their features;
intellect to know his ways,
imagination for a sense of wonder,
emotions for passion and love,
hearts for relationship with him.

On the seventh day God rested,
and he saw all he created is good;
minds to learn the secrets of the universe,
explorations of all possible worlds,
feelings of love and compassion,
eternal relationship with him.

From his Sabbath rest God saw,
man’s rebellion on earth;
secrets of the atom to destroy,
instruments of torture to employ,
hatred and lust to incite,
broken relationship with him.

God’s wrath was terrible to behold,
yet his love restrains his hands;
choose obedience, not rebellion,
imagine goodness for one another,
love and compassion to rule the heart,
rebuilding relationship with him.

On a kairos moment, God sent his son,
to walk the path of reconciliation;
mind of the infinite confined to the finite,
three in one, and one in three,
consuming love to save,
restoring relationship with him.

Jesus suffered and died on the cross,
a sinless God dying for our sins;
justice satisfied, judgement done,
infinite compassion to encompass,
anger replaced by love,
reconciling relationship with him.

Jesus’ death satisfied God’s wrath,
on the eighth day, God raised him from dead;
so our minds are freed from bondage,
our imaginations are free to explore,
our feelings are sanctified holy,
re-creating relationship with him.

Easter, 8 April 2007

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