Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Wealth and Fame This World Can Give

The wealth and fame this world can give,
The passing thrills that end in grief;
You may have these but what a cost
In your own soul, dear friend, is lost

If all you hear is the applause,
You fail to recognise your flaws;
You need to stop an take a pause
Lest you waste life on the wrong cause.

All this world, friend, you may own
And place yourself on every throne,
Yet you will find no peace within
Till Christ comes in, your soul to win.

What good is it to own the world
And not to know the truth unfurled,
That all true joys are only found
In Jesus Christ on holy ground.

The greatest gift your heart can own
is not something this world can loan;
The greatest gift, from up above
Is Jesus Christ the King of love.

How poor is he who may have all
But not the ears to hear the call.
O Come to Him, He'll take your soul,
Wash and heal you, and make you whole.

Bishop Dr Robert Solomon



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